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Dubai's government mandates adding a 10% service charge to all bills at hotels, restaurants, and bars.
(Tips are usually divided equally among staff but sometimes go directly to the prople who have helped you.) Feel
free to top it off with a few dirhams (each is worth about a quarter). Parking valets and porters are the
exception-they usually get 10 dirhams.Bag packers in markets might appreciate a few coins; cab drivers don't
expect anything, but rounding up to the 5 dirham note is good practice.In May we will discuss Egypt and their
tipping policy!

TRAVEL TIP!The traveling poster Before you go on a trip, pick up a few of the free plastic umbrela covers you
get in stores and hospitals lobies. If you buy a poster that doesn't come with a protective tube, you have a
ready-made carrier.

Tipping Guide

At Restaurants: The tip is included in the bill; add 5-10% above that.
At Hotels: $1 or $2 a day for the housekeeper (pay throughtout your stay to ensure great cleaning): $1 per bag
for the porter; concierges are powerful and very helpful, so $10-$20 at the beginning of your stay will go far.

Guides Drivers: CAb-drivers 10-15%;guides (who almost never drive you),$20 per person per day; drivers a
little less.

$$$$$ Accepted: Everything is accepted, and often preferable to local currency.

Guides are often well-trained Egyptologists whose function is not only to educate but also to divert the many
locals who will have their hands out for baksheesh, whether they've earned it or not.The biggest joke in tourism:
The camel driver tells you, No charge to get on my camel-but five-dollar tip.You pay, you lumber up onto the
camel.Then he says.......$20.00 to get off.

Travel Trip Keep thieves guessing:To make yourself a less enticing target for camera snatchers, remove the
strap that came with your equipment-the one that screems NIKON or CANON EOS-replace it with a generic black
nylon one. That way, you won't advertise your valuables.
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