Let's Go Linda
From Alaska to Europe, an unforgettable cruise is waiting for you.  
" Thank you for all your help and support with the presentation of the
needlepoint I made for Bert. YOU and BERT created this circle of friendship
and love. Bert by being such a wonderful entertainer and warm and friendly
guy, that everyone loves him. And you Linda, by organizing the Bert Cruise
and putting it all in motion. Good Job!I know you worked really hard, but it truly
was a success! David and I look forward to the next Bert Cruise. We already
miss you and the Bert group. We are a special group, and we can't wait to see
Bert,you and Herbert,and the Bert fans again!" Linda and David Cheskis
" Dear Linda,This was the best Bert cruise ever, and our best cruise overall.
You are the hostess with the mostess. Through all the problems with the
venues, The hard year you have had, you never missed a beat and was
upbeat through it all. (except for some teary moments)Which leads me to say
that David and I get a little teary just remembering the many treasured
moments during this cruise, and boy there were many!One of which is our
dinner together. It was definitely the was such fun, the stories, the wine, the
laughter,the friendship with Herbert, Sheri and Herb Brigges." Love, Linda
Needle point made by Linda Cheskis
Bert Stratton, the Piano Man
Cruise 2011
" January 30, 2011, was a long awaited Sunday when we entered the portals of the great ship Ruby. We were
finally back at sea with our Bert with an E; not just friends, but almost kin and family.It has been a long time for
many, to be away, but this week has been full of answered prayers we all prayed. Packets were ready with Linda's
best wishes and love, as she looked like an angel, ready to soar like a dove. The sail away was fun with music and
friends, within the next six days, the excitement would never end.Bert had his hoodie which encircled his head like
a wreath, his cute little face shining through with all those pearly white teeth.It appeared quite amazing to non-Bert
fan club passengers, at picture time, to see the Rowdy hats of the fan eat his brussel sprouts. This we learned
from Facebook as Bert occasionally wrote, a brief message to update us, when he was or was not on a boat.We
might ask,20;Bert, did you remember your place in the parking garage Bert replies,  think I see my car, but oh no, it
is just a mirage. Also, your daughter was on the phone with you and said she was putting in ' Home Alone', you
thought that was very strange because you heard 'provolone'. Twofers, fever pitch, Rowdy hats and hugs, have
been the sayings for this week, and Bert has fulfilled them all as he brought us to our peek.A great time was had
by all with big smiles from every cheek, somewhat sad that it is over, but great memories from a good week. Bert,
your gift of entertainment is so special to us, .we want to say thank you, without a lot of fuss.When you introduced
Derek, your eyes started to swell with tears, because you are very proud of the fact, you have been dad for all of
his years.It is too hard to say good-bye so to you we will tell, until we meet again, a fond farewell." By Sheri
Bridges, Certified Bertified,
Let's Go Linda  letsgolinda@comcast.net