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" Dear Linda,I am sending you this email to tell you, what a great job
you did, with the Bert cruise. It was wonderful. David and I had a
great time.It was definitely our best cruise yet. I know you worked
hard to make sure everything went smoothly. The times planned with
Bert were many, and fun. Like I said Friday night, the only thing
better would have been a longer sit down with Bert for informal
conversation and another chance to dance with Bert and Derrick
without having to get up the next morning to leave the ship! It was a
real pleasure meeting both you and Herbert and look forward to
seeing you both again on another Bert Cruise...Keep Well 'till we see
you again! Love" Linda and David" Cheskis. 01,26,2009
All Bertified Fans Welcome
Another Poem by
Bertified Fan Sheri Bridges.

(January 17-24, 2009)
The first Bert Cruise is finally here,
After awaiting anxiously for nearly a year.
You have followed your dream to write more songs,
The CD has been recorded with many happy throngs.
An amazing bright light in the lives of many people,
Together we are like a church with a shining steeple.
A hug and God Bless are always in order,
Whenever we meet, north or south of the border.
A Bert Cruise is now the chance to see you again,
A set time and ship as to where and when.
We will try to visit you wherever you may be,
As vacation time permits, as well as the money.
The first Bert Cruise has been a fun place to be,
With all the Bert fans and your company.
You still have , with the hoe down to boot,
We all enjoy your livin' room,
it really is a hoot. Linda Roessiger is such a delight,
As she oversees your schedule both day and night.
Derek is as handsome and loving as a son can be,
It was so touching to see the embrace between you and he.
You are awesome and then some and your fans will agree,
We will love you forever and that is Infinity.

By Bertified Fan,Sheri Bridges
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